My name is Annemieke Timmer, sworn translator and owner of Timmer Translations.

I am passionate about language. I pride myself as a wordsmith, and can accurately convey words, sentences and paragraphs into English and Dutch. Whether I am translating a complex piece of legislation, commercial text or a manual on building materials, I make sure the translation is in the right tone and tenor for your target group, from start to finish.

As an anglophile, I have lived and worked in America, the UK and Ireland. This is what nurtured my passion for the English language. After studying as an English interpreter and translator, I started working as a translator for in-house translation departments as well as independent translation agencies. For the last 15 years, I have been working independently as a sworn translator with my own translation agency, Timmer Translations.


By calling upon the services of Timmer Translations, you can be assured quality results. Apart from the fact that I only work with certified translators, I am also registered with the Bureau for Sworn Interpreters and Translators of the Dutch Ministry of Justice (Wbtv). This means that I am bound by specific requirements in terms of quality and integrity. One such requirement is continuing education. Language is constantly changing, so keeping one’s knowledge up to date is crucial. I therefore make sure I regularly attend refresher courses and training, both inside and outside the Netherlands.

Interested in finding out more about my portfolio and services? Then call +31 (0)6-20 629716 or send an e-mail to: