Timmer Translations is specialist in translating your message

Fast and with quality

You may have just drawn up a manual, written a workbook or developed a great website. And now you are looking to have them translated by a certified translation agency, known for quality and speed. Or maybe you have a contract that needs to be ready as soon as possible for a colleague abroad. We all have our areas of expertise, and Timmer Translations specialises in conveying your words accurately and professionally into the target language, at competitive rates and with rapid turnaround speeds.


Timmer Translations delivers high-quality translations from Dutch to English and English to Dutch, covering a variety of areas such as financial, legal and technical. With more than 15 years of experience in translation and a wide network handling other language combinations, we guarantee quality while offering speed of delivery. After all, our word is our bond. We can even meet urgent translation needs within a matter of hours.

Sworn translation

Or perhaps you have a document that needs to be translated for an official body, such as a diploma, certificate, contract or articles of association. A certified translation can only be produced by a sworn translator, and Timmer Translations is the right place to come for such translations.

Starting rate

With rates starting at 0.15 cents per word and 100% customer satisfaction guaranteed, we are the translation agency in the Groene Hart, serving customers throughout the country. Interested in our translation services? We would be delighted to tell you more or give you a quotation.