Dutch-English and English-Dutch translations

Timmer Translations is a translation agency focusing on Dutch-English and English-Dutch translations. Apart from financial, legal and technical texts, Timmer Translations is also the right place to come for commercial texts, such as brochures, websites and annual reports. Urgent translation requirements are also catered for, as we can deliver within 24 hours, while still offering attractive rates.

Translations in other language combinations

If you have a manual, contract or website to be translated into several languages, we can also source this work for you, using our wide network of sworn translators covering all language combinations. All your translation needs can be quickly and easily met under one roof. The same competitive starting rate of 0.15 cents per word applies, whatever the language combination.

Certified translations

Perhaps you have a document to be submitted to an official body abroad. If so, this document usually needs to be certified by a sworn translator. Timmer Translations is a sworn translator and is registered with the Bureau for Sworn Interpreters and Translators of the Dutch Ministry of Justice (Wbtv).

In some cases, the body in question may call for an apostille in addition to a certified document. The next level of legalisation is the authentication of documents. If you are interested in finding out more about authentication, certification or apostilles, and the level of legalisation you need, or if you are looking for an agency to handle all these needs, please call +31 (0)6-20 629716 or send an e-mail to:
annemieketimmer@outlook.com for a quotation or tailored advice.